A Different Question about Gender Differences

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This past week, I tried an experiment.

I posted a couple images to my Facebook timeline that I thought had the potential to become somewhat viral. That is, I thought these images would be shared around Facebook, and I wanted to see how widely they would go.

Well, my little experiment took me in a different direction than I thought it would.

So here’s the back-story. [ read the rest ]

Why are church people so strange?

Why do church people do . . . ?

There are a lot of things that church people do that are different from the way the rest of the world lives:

  • Church people go to a church gathering nearly every Sunday while most people in the world rarely do anything “every week” except for weekly obligations like school/work or entertainment choices like eating out, seeing movies, etc.
  • Church people not only attend church gatherings, but they often are actually doing things at those gatherings like playing music, teaching a class, or greeting people.
  • Church people get together in smaller groups for “Bible Study” or “Service Projects” or things like that while most people might have a periodic game night with friends, hang out at the bar, or just stay home watching TV.
  • Church people volunteer their time to do things for church-owned buildings and grounds like cleaning, fixing, and upgrading while the rest of the world looks with apathy, frustration, or even disdain on church buildings taking up valuable real-estate.
  • Church people give money to the church, some even give more than 10% of their entire household income, while the rest of the world generally gives only 3% of their income to all charitable causes combined.

Why do church people do such weird things? [ read the rest ]

Simple ‘watch’ command for Mac OS X

I’ve been disappointed that the Mac OS doesn’t provide a watch command. It’s a very useful command, so its absence from the operating system has always baffled me. Well, after using simple bash before, I finally implemented a better replacement in python.

Here is version 0.1 [ read the rest ]

There’s an app for that…

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Today, I learned that there is an app for breaking up. That’s right. There is an app to help you end a relationship. Click this link if you want to see it in action.

Some of you need to download the app today, and I’m not joking. [ read the rest ]