A Different Question about Gender Differences

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This past week, I tried an experiment.

I posted a couple images to my Facebook timeline that I thought had the potential to become somewhat viral. That is, I thought these images would be shared around Facebook, and I wanted to see how widely they would go.

Why are church people so strange?

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Why do church people do . . .

Do the courts define marriage?

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Same-sex Marriage is Now the Law of the Land

On June 26, 2014, published an article with this headline:

Same-sex couples wed at Tippecanoe Co. Courthouse

After great amounts of debate earlier this year over the locally infamous HJR-6, a resolution by the two houses of Indiana state government to put a prohibition against same-sex marriage into the state constitution, our legislators decided that one of the phrases in the resolution went too far.

Single Sign-on for Multiple WordPress Installations

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Lafayette Community Church uses a couple different WordPress installations for its website.

The first WordPress installation is the main website, and it is located at

Transfer an Entire Ubuntu System to a new Drive

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After having done this same procedure a number of times, I have finally figured out the best way of transferring an entire Linux System from one drive to another and still have it be bootable.

Step 0: Did you format and partition the drives the way you want?

I write this down just to clarify that I’m assuming you know enough about Linux to have been able to partition and format your new drive the way you want. Furthermore, this guide assumes that your entire root file structure exists on one partition.

Hide/Show Desktop Icons on Mac OSX

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I get distracted easily, so I wrote a little script to toggle the visibility of the desktop icons on Mac OSX.

Here it is:


CURRENT=$(defaults read

Protected: Phil Robertson and HJR-6

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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Simple ‘watch’ command for Mac OS X

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I’ve been disappointed that the Mac OS doesn’t provide a watch command. It’s a very useful command, so its absence from the operating system has always baffled me. Well, after using simple bash before, I finally implemented a better replacement in python.

There’s an app for that…

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Today, I learned that there is an app for breaking up. That’s right. There is an app to help you end a relationship.

Tithing is not Giving to God

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This past Sunday, I closed out my message with a statement that I honestly felt was controversial but something that should be said nevertheless.

I said that tithing is not giving to God.


On Sunday, I taught a message to my congregation on the incredible problem of greed and how the antidote to greed is generosity.

HOW TO: Fix “Home” and “End” keys in the Mac Terminal

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The Mac is one of the best Terminals I have used, but it has some annoying quirks like not supporting standard key definitions out of the box. The most frustrating ones are Home and End.

Why does God listen to my prayer?

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I got a very interesting question on a Connect Card this past Sunday, and I’d like to interact with it here on my site. Here’s what it said:

With all of the prayers God hears every day – how does he hear yours? What makes me as important as everyone else in the world that I am heard?

Here is my response:

Your question is a great one!

I wanted to give you a quick response of encouragement and explanation of why God would pay attention to your prayers.

First of all, remember that He’s God, and he already knows everything.

To Tithe or Not to Tithe

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In a recent conversation I had with a church planting friend of mine, the topic of the tithe came up, and I thought it might be interesting for me to put down in this forum what I am teaching my church regarding giving.

Having been heavily influenced by the likes of Andy Stanley, Randy Alcorn, and my own Dad, I have become convinced that teaching percentage-based giving is not only the number one kind of giving to encourage in our people, but I have also become convinced that the church organization should structure its budget based on the tithes of the people without regard to special offerings, designated funds, or anything above and beyond the tithe.

However, I know there are two major problems with my approach:

Objections to My Approach

First of all, some people find the tithe principle to be archaic and irrelevant to New Testament Christianity.

How should Christians live out God’s ideal of justice?

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Occasionally, I get really deep questions turned in on our Sunday Connect Cards, and this past Sunday, I received this one:

I noticed that two of the songs played in service this morning mentioned justice as something God has and uses to demonstrate his goodness. If one of the classic arguments against belief in a personal God is perceived injustice in the Bible – God plays favorites, the wholesale slaughter of thousands of men, women, children by the Hebrews, the concept of Hell, etc. – how should we answer that charge? On a less philosophical level, how should Christians demonstrate the ideal of God’s justice in our daily lives? How do we commit to something so ephemeral and confusing?

This is such a big question that I responded to the author by email but thought it might be worthwhile to post it here as well.

Why do we say “Amen” at the end of prayers?

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Recently, a note came to me from someone in our church with an interesting question. It said this:

Why is it that sometimes your prayers do not end with “Amen”? Is there a biblical reason why we do or do not say amen after prayers?

I responded personally, but I also felt my answer might benefit others, so here it is in blog form.

The Meaning of “Amen”

First, the word Amen is a Hebrew word that comes from the Hebrew root AMN which means faith/faithfulness.