There’s an app for that…

image for There’s an app for that…

Today, I learned that there is an app for breaking up. That’s right. There is an app to help you end a relationship. Click this link if you want to see it in action.

Some of you need to download the app today, and I’m not joking. [ read the rest ]

Tithing is not Giving to God

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This past Sunday, I closed out my message with a statement that I honestly felt was controversial but something that should be said nevertheless.

I said that tithing is not giving to God. [ read the rest ]

Why does God listen to my prayer?

I got a very interesting question on a Connect Card this past Sunday, and I’d like to interact with it here on my site. Here’s what it said:

With all of the prayers God hears every day – how does he hear yours? What makes me as important as everyone else in the world that I am heard?

Here is my response:

[ read the rest ]

To Tithe or Not to Tithe

In a recent conversation I had with a church planting friend of mine, the topic of the tithe came up, and I thought it might be interesting for me to put down in this forum what I am teaching my church regarding giving.

Having been heavily influenced by the likes of Andy Stanley, Randy Alcorn, and my own Dad, I have become convinced that teaching percentage-based giving is not only the number one kind of giving to encourage in our people, but I have also become convinced that the church organization should structure its budget based on the tithes of the people without regard to special offerings, designated funds, or anything above and beyond the tithe.

However, I know there are two major problems with my approach: [ read the rest ]